2015 in Review: Looking Back at 12 Top Stories
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January 1, 2016
Looking back at the year that was in IT certification.

They say that a CertMag a day keeps career stagnation at bay. Well, even if they don't, they should. Staying current in the IT certification realm takes a lot of work, as well as an ongoing commitment to general awareness of industry trends and topics.

Now that it's a whole new year, we're looking at the months ahead through the same rose-colored glasses as everyone else. Before we close the book on 2015 altogether, however, we're taking one last month-by-month look back at some of the top features to appear on CertMag.com last year.

"Last year," yeah, get used to it. None of us will ever think of 2015 the same way again. Without further ado:

Dear CertMag: Should I hire a high school student with a certification? β€” By Wayne Anderson on Jan. 30

A timely topic that stirred some passion. Can a talented teen get your IT job done right?

Vendor-neutral vs. vendor-specific certs: Which is right for you? β€” By April Miller Cripliver on Feb. 17

Which will serve you best? General IT knowledge, or a product specific approach?

Pearson VUE computer-based testing pioneers see bright future for certification β€” By Don Wagner on March 2

Certification has a long history. An engaging look back at some deep roots.

Kids and certification: Professional credential or child's play? β€” By Aaron Axline on April 16

Is the "my kid could cert that" phenomenon something that IT pros should be worried about?

Salary Survey: The Salary Survey 75 Top 20 β€” By CertMag Staff on May 12

Of the many Salary Survey pieces to appear here in 2015, this one stirred the most interest.

Big Data is both burden and blessing to IT security personnel β€” By Mike Chapple on June 19

It turns out that you actually can find a needle in a haystack.

I passed my cert exam with a 96 percent. Now I know everything. Right? β€” By Matthew Morris on July 13

Are you now, or have you ever been before, a certification Know-IT-All?

Down-home IT educator is a cowboy of the modern day β€” By Calvin Harper and Rocky Steele on July 14

One-woman whirlwind: IT training expert is a do-it-all "worker bee' β€” By Calvin Harper on Aug. 28

A mid-year twofer! The profiles of certified individuals that we do are some of the most popular content that appears on our site.

A guide to software troubleshooting from a CompTIA A+ perspective β€” By Emmett Dulaney on Sept. 28

CompTIA's popular A+ credential continues to live long and prosper.

A Linux distro to every purpose under heaven β€” By Reena Ghosh on Oct. 21

What's a distro? A 101-level primer for a wildly popular certification topic. Linux knowledge is power.

Hitch your IT career to a rising star with DevOps certification β€” By April Miller Cripliver on Nov. 2

It's taking the IT certification world by storm. What do you need to know about DevOps?

Ahead of the curve: Keep your security knowledge current β€” By Mike Chapple on Dec. 16

Cybersecurity changes every day, and so should your knowledge of the field.

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