A farewell from (and to) CertMag
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January 2, 2024
Are we done here? We're done here.

It's generally believed that Geoffrey Chaucer, in his tragic/romantic poem Troilus and Criseyde, created the earliest formulation of the English axiom "All good things must end," which has since been referenced by everyone from Nelly Furtado to Star Trek: The Next Generation. There are other ways of saying it — decades before the Marvel Comics cinematic oeuvre turned movie "stinger" scenes into an art form, Ferris Bueller told movie watchers "It's over. Go home" — but Chaucer's benediction feels appropriate.

Certification Magazine and CertMag.com are closing a chapter, or turning a page, or possibly even setting fire to the newsstand and walking away. Whatever the metaphor, it's the end of the line. After 10 years of quarterly issues, a four-year dead air gap before that, nine years of monthly issues before that, and a year of bimonthly issues before that, we're headed back to the secret dead magazine burial ground. Forever? Considering that we've been laid to rest one time already, well, who can say what the future may hold?

The immediate future, at any rate, holds only memories. You can read more about where Certification Magazine came from and its journey to this point on the About Us page. That, along with the rest of the site, will continue to exist in the short term. It takes a lot of content to keep a four-articles-every-week website in operation for 10 years, so please enjoy what's here for as long as it's still here. There's a lot of good information from a lot of smart people — including, of course, information derived from quite a few surveys.

That includes, to a limited extent, the 2024 Salary Survey. We did publish one final magazine, in web-only format. Our January 2024 issue contains the usual summary of initial findings from the survey. We are in the process of issuing refunds to print subscribers who won't receive that issue, or others beyond that point in time that have already been paid for. The final issue will still be sent to digital subscribers via e-mail, and those subscribers will also receive refunds for payments that extend beyond January 2024.

If you'd like to flip through our final issue before it shows up in your inbox, you can do that here: January 2024 (If you've never been a subscriber, paid or otherwise, but you're curious about the beating heart of our now-defunct enterprise, well, you can have a look, too.)

We're so thankful to everyone who has read Certification Magazine and/or visited us here at CertMag.com. The CertMag community is small (by some measures), but incredibly loyal. We appreciate all of you. It's been a long, strange, and wonderful journey. And now it's over. Go home.

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Certification Magazine was launched in 1999 and remained in print until mid-2008. Publication was restarted on a quarterly basis in February 2014. Subscribe to CertMag here.

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