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CompTIA can help you calculate a fair IT salary.

Most job listings include a salary or wage. And the average employment seeker can tell at a glance whether $95,000/year or $45.50/hour looks better or worse than his (or her) current compensation situation.

It’s a little harder to estimate exactly how much better. And what if the job is in a different state? Wouldn’t it be handy if you could quickly and easily pin down your exact take-home pay?

Good news, everybody. IT industry association CompTIA, which has a world-class IT certification program, also offers an excellent, user-friendly IT Salary Calculator fueled by CompTIA's peerless IT industry employment research.

There's no better place to conduct your own research about potential IT salaries across the United States. Try it out today!


CompTIA can help you calculate a fair IT salary.

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