Warmest wishes and our holiday publishing schedule
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December 23, 2016
Happy Holidays from Certification Magazine!

To everyone who has visited CertMag.com this year, or turned the pages of the latest issue of Certification Magazine, whether digitally or in print, we say, "Thank you for being awesome." None of this would really mean anything without your participation. We deeply appreciate your patronage.

We also hope that all goes well with whatever plans you've made to celebrate as the clock runs out on 2016. We hope that it's a truly festive season for one and all, and that everyone who will be traveling arrives safely both going to and returning from their holiday destinations.

We typically scale things back over the final week of December and first few days of January, and 2016 is no exception. It's going to be a bit quieter around here over the next several days. We'll have new content next week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then we'll skip the following Monday (Jan. 2), before getting back to the business of doing business on Jan. 3.

The first week in January, incidentally, brings with it the next edition of Certification Magazine, and it just so happens that the pending issue dives into the results of our 2016 Salary Survey. You can feel the excitement, right?

If you aren't already a subscriber, whether digitally or in print, there's always room for one more. (For a whole lot of ones more, really. No, really, we mean it. Come one, come all.) And if you are already a subscriber, then we'll see you soon.

Enjoy your holiday break, and if you're going to be exchanging gifts, then we hope that everything that's coming your way will brighten your day. See you in 2017! (I mean, yeah, see some of you next week. As noted above, we aren't just going to turn of the lights and lock the door. But you know what we mean.) (And we love you for that. Truly.)

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