Unfaithful, or Twitter-pation Gone Awry: The rest of the story
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August 29, 2017

You've seen the seeds of their emotionally devastating breakup on Twitter. You know where to craft the next hilarious link in the sad story of this week's hottest meme. But did you ever wonder how it all came to be? CertMag presents a special 29-part investigation.

It Begins

It Begins.
I find this colorful chart to be immensely interesting.[/caption]

The Plot Thickens

The Plot Thickens.
I'm totes bored and this file is taking for-EVER.

Enter a Handsome Stranger

Enter a Handsome Stranger.
Now I'm not going to finish that report. But Helpdesk Boy is kind of a fox ...

The Next Day at Work

The Next Day at Work.
No, he was way cute. I bet he'd go out with me.

A Chance Encounter

A Chance Encounter.
Hi, remember me? You totally fixed my computer at work!

The First Date

The First Date.
Sorry about the restaurant window thing. It's OK; you're not so bad.

Good Times Rolling

Good Times Rolling.
Let's be fun and spontaneous! I know this art house that shows old movies.

My New Girlfriend

My New Girlfriend.
It was a little weird at first, but now I'm totally diggin' on her.

The Second Date

The Second Date.
'I drink your milkshake!' Wait, you never saw that movie?

He's the One

He's the One.
I'm sooo happy. I wonder what will happen next? [Foreshadow, foreshadow]

Two Crazy Kids in Love

Two Crazy Kids in Love.
You're so cute. No you're so cute. No you're so cute.

Look Away, Baby

Look Away, Baby.
The first sign of trouble. [Oops]

The Recap

The Recap.
Yeah, yeah, we're getting married. She was way into it when I proposed.

Happier Times

Happier Times.
Hi, Mom! Yeah, the wedding was great. We just moved into our first new place.

A Big Surprise

A Big Surprise.
If it's a girl, we should totally name her after your mom.

Baby (Almost) Makes Three

So Happy Together.
What about our delayed honeymoon to Paris? There's still time to go!

Confused in Paris

Confused in Paris.
I think the Eiffel Tower is that way. Look! Let's ask that friendly local woman. [Minor key]

Distant Early Warning

Fraying Bonds.
You're so nice to point out the Eiffel Tower to us. Let's all take a selfie!

The Selfie

The Selfie.
We all look so good together! What a fun and random encounter on the streets of Gay Paree!



Aaaaand this is where the rest of the world came in:

The Stalk/Stock Heard Round the World

The Stalk Heard Round the World
Shazaaay-am! I bet I totally got away with sneaking a peek, too. [LET THE MEMES BEGIN]

You mocked her pain! Never do it again. That's not where the story ended, though. Soon things stopped being so blissful and carefree ...

The Talk

The Talk.
It's all your fault. My fault?! I wasn't the one who had to ask where the Eiffel Tower is.


Sorry we didn't call on your birthday, Mom. Things have been a little rough.

The Marriage Counselor

The Marriage Counselor.
So, tell me about this French woman? Well, it all started the day that my computer didn't work ...


I'm not the bad guy! Everything I said to that marriage counselor is true!

Talk to the Hand

Talk to the Hand.
We can fix this! Talk to my lawyer, pal.

End of the Line

End of the Line.
After you sign these papers, the divorce will be final.

Aftermath, Part 1 — Despair

Aftermath, Part 1.
Man, I sure screwed that up. I've lost everything.

Aftermath, Part 2 — Totes Besties

Aftermath, Part 2.
Oh, him. Yeah, we're not together anymore. But I'm so glad that you could move here from France!

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