TestOut's release of IT Fundamentals Pro offers new key to unlock tech education
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July 30, 2019
Information technology newcomers can settle into a whole new world with IT Fundamentals Pro.

In Season One, Episode One of the long-running CBS adventure game show Survivor, contestant Richard Hatch sits in a tree watching his tribemates muddle through an animated discussion of where to build a shelter and offers a pointed suggestion. "You guys," Hatch says, "I think the the first thing we ought to do is talk about how we're going to do whatever we're going to do. Talk about the process."

Hatch wants the players on his beach to come to grips with the basics before jumping into the deep end — Who's in charge here? What do we want to accomplish? How are we going to make decisions? What are the ground rules? — but everyone else just kind of starts doing things and hoping it will all add up to something. Guess who gets a $1 million check at the end of the season?

You can (sort of) learn to (mostly) do a lot of things by fiddling around and hoping that repeated trial-and-error will add up to something. A much better strategy, however — Dare we say a winning strategy? — is to take an organized approach. Figure out the basics, create a foundation for future learning, and build your understanding systematically.

That's the beauty of the new IT Fundamentals Pro course and certification from tech training and certification provider TestOut. IT Fundamentals Pro, released today, lets learners of all ages follow clear instructions and a systematic blueprint while building a foundation for future information technology (IT) learning.

TestOut's other courses with their accompanying certifications (including Security Pro, Network Pro, PC Pro, Linux Pro, and more) are specifically designed to prepare learners to successfully function in IT job roles. IT Fundamentals Pro is unique in that it provides a rigorous introduction for individuals who have a strong interest in information technology, but not much more than that.

There are enthusiastic IT newcomers at all levels of the educational realm, and even in the global workforce. IT Fundamentals Pro is meant to turn basic digital literacy into fluency. Learners will cover a number of IT bases, exploring foundation concepts related to computer hardware and software, networking, databases, programming, information security, and more.

Like all other TestOut courses, IT Fundamentals Pro uses a number of different approaches to help learners settle in. The course includes hands-on labs (that don't endanger actual computer equipment, thanks to the magic of simulation), video tutorials, text-based lessons, short quizzes, and full-length practice exams. Everything you need, in short, to build up a practical understanding of the basics of information technology.

IT Fundamentals Pro is a great option for tech educators who want students to be fully immersed in fundamental IT concepts before they tackle more difficult courses leading to more difficult certifications. The old saying is that you have to learn to walk before you can run, but even the most adroit toddlers don't start walking until after they've learned to crawl, stand, and balance.

TestOut's IT Fundamentals Pro certification is still pending release. IT Fundamentals Pro will teach learners everything they need to know, however, to take and pass the CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ exam (FC0-U61) released last year in September.

So whether you're an educator looking for a better tool to prepare your students, or a career-switcher who'd like to get an IT job but doesn't know where to start, IT Fundamentals Pro can get you where you want to go. The best part is that you don't even have to rely on angry tribemates to get your $1 million — IT skills are hotly demanded in the global workforce. With a strong foundation to start from, you can build a technology career that will last for decades.

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