Test your knowledge of Windows 10: Part 2
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February 24, 2017
How much do you know about Windows 10?

Previously, we offered 25 questions on features and utilities in Microsoft's Windows 10, which is quickly replacing its predecessors on desktops, laptops, and tablets in workplaces. It is anticipated that questions on this operating system will be incorporated in future updates of the CompTIA A+ certification exams in the near future.

The following 25 questions build on the first set and focus on more nitpicky aspects of Windows 10, allowing you to test your knowledge further. Answers are below. Good luck!

1. During which mode does Windows keep your apps open yet enter into a temporary low-power mode to save battery power?
A. Hibernate
B. PowerSaver
C. Balanced
D. Sleep

2. Woody has been using a Microsoft account with his Windows 10 laptop. He now wants to revert back to a local user account. What will allow him to do this?
A. Windows 10 requires Microsoft accounts and cannot be used with local accounts
B. He needs to create a separate/new account and begin using that one — choosing to share the old files with the new account
C. He needs to choose Change Account Settings and then click Sign In With A Local User Account
D. Once an account has been assigned to a Microsoft account, it cannot be switched to a user account

3. What does it mean if a tile is said to be "live?"
A. All of the needed support files are installed locally
B. It requires Internet access to function
C. It can be accessed from any screen including Lock and Welcome
D. The text changes to display the app's most recent information

4. Which key combination can be used to see thumbnail versions of open windows? (Choose two)
A. Alt
B. Ctrl
C. Tab
D. Enter
E. Shift
F. Esc
G. Fn

5. What is the primary difference between an Automatic and a Custom uninstall?
A. Automatic queues the uninstall to run right before shutdown
B. Automatic requires no input from the user
C. Automatic queues the uninstall to run on the next boot
D. There is no difference: vendors can use uninstall terminology of their choosing

6. Start menu tiles can be resized with some apps allowing for more customization than others. Which two choices are available for sizing the squares in all cases? (Choose two)
A. Narrow
B. Wide
C. Small
D. Medium
E. Large

7. Which key combination can be used to lock your computer before stepping away from the desk and heading to the food truck that just pulled up out front?
A. Windows logo key + L
B. Windows logo key + A
C. Windows logo key + T
D. Windows logo key + E

8. Logan has asked for your help. She has so many apps pinned to the taskbar that it has become difficult to use and she wants to reduce the clutter. How can you remove a pinned app icon from the taskbar?
A. Drag the icon from the taskbar, right-click and choose Stay
B. Right-click the icon for the app and choose Unpin this program from taskbar
C. Right-click the icon for the app and choose to delete it
D. Use AppLauncher beneath Control Panel to find the app and remove the checkbox associating its app with the taskbar

9. You are using Windows 10 with multiple monitors and want to move an app from one monitor to another. Which keyboard shortcut will perform this action?
A. Ctrl + Esc + V
B. Windows logo key + Shift + C
C. Windows logo key + PgUp
D. None. You cannot move an app from one monitor to another

10. You are using Microsoft Edge to visit websites when you accidentally click a link while the Ctrl key is depressed. What action will ensue?
A. The clicked link will not open
B. The current session will terminate
C. The current page will close
D. The clicked link will open in a new tab
E. The link will be copied into memory for pasting elsewhere

11. You cannot recall which document you wrote contains information about the upcoming trip to Peru and need to do a search. Which button can you click on to limit the search results to only local and connected storage locations?
A. Local
B. My Stuff
C. Neighborhood
D. Community
E. Home

12. As part of a research project, you need to visit a number of websites that contain sensitive data that you prefer not be associated with you for tracking purposes. What feature should you turn on in Microsoft Edge to tell it not to collect data during your browsing session?
A. InPrivate
B. InSecret
C. InClandestine
D. InStealth

13. You are fearful that passwords required by your company may be too easy to guess and want to create a picture password for your account to strengthen it. With Windows 10, how many ��gestures�� are required with a picture password to sign in?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four
E. More than four

14. Just in case your system crashes, you want to be able to troubleshoot and recover it by using an emergency USB drive. In Windows 10, this can be created with the Windows recovery environment by choosing to create which of the following?
A. System Repair Drive
B. Recovery Drive
C. Emergency Management Drive
D. Repair and Recovery Drive

15. Wolfgang was working on an important file stored locally when his system crashed and the document became corrupted. He calls you in a panic and wants advice. What should he attempt first?
A. Click the Uncorrupt button beneath the file's Property settings
B. Go to the last printed copy of the document and begin recreating it
C. Recover the file from a backup done of the network nightly
D. Restore the file using File History

Please visit GoCertify to attempt the remaining 10 questions of this quiz.


1. D
2. C
3. D
4. A&C
5. B
6. C&D
7. A
8. B
9. C
10. D
11. B
12. A
13. C
14. B
15. D

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