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April 20, 2021
What's in a name change? IT identifiers don't always remain the same.

Over the years, I've noticed many shifts in what things are called and the changes in language have always fascinated me. My first recollection of this was moving as a kid from one home to another. There was a small stream running behind our new home. What I would have called a 'creek' at my old home, however, was called a 'crick' by those in the new neighborhood.

This change in vernacular struck me as peculiar enough to still be something I ponder every so often. Equally memorable as I aged was when those pipes in front of my knees on a motorcycle went from being referred to as safety bars and became crash bars (a much more fitting name). The place I stopped at to eat went from being Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC.

In the world of technology, names change as well: BackRub* to Google, for example, and IIS went from 'Internet Information Server' to 'Internet Information Services.' Sometimes the change may be to make the name of a feature more descriptive or intuitive, and other times it may be to broaden its scope and give it life outside of a single product/edition.

To see how well you've kept up with name changes, what follows is a self-test of 25 questions based on that general theme. In all cases, pick the best answer(s) to each question. The answers appear at the end of the questions. Best of luck!

Editor's Note: For the benefit of those who haven't been paying attention to this stuff for as long as Emmett has, BackRub was the proto-Google, the first search engine designed and deployed by visionary Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

1. Within the realm of computer security, a DMZ (demilitarized zone) is a subnetwork (physical or logical) that contains external-facing services for an organization. According to the CompTIA objectives, rather than being referenced as a DMZ this is now known as which of the following?
A. ticketed region
B. open door
C. extranet
D. screened subnet

2. Oracle Role Manager has a straightforward name that identifies what it is. Prior to being known as this, what was it known as?
A. PeopleSoft Administrator
B. Bridgestream SmartRoles
C. Service Station Manager
D. Oracle Quick Fix and Role Manager

3. Throughout 2020, Google made many changes to their apps and the G Suite to which they belonged. In the end, they changed the name of G Suite to which of the following?
A. Google Office
B. Google Utensils
C. Google Workspace
D. Google Mission

4. Microsoft's cloud-based storage service OneDrive was previously known by which moniker?
A. EasyDrive
B. StorageDrive
C. CloudDrive
D. SkyDrive

5. Manufacturer of computer monitors, as well as televisions and other electronics, LG was previously known as which of the following?
A. Low Grade Electronics, Inc.
B. Loeb and Goldwyn
C. Lucky-Goldstar
D. Lincoln Group, Ltd.

6. What was previously called a man-in-the-middle attack should now, according to CompTIA, be known as which of the following?
A. Deception attack
B. Smurfing
C. On-path attack
D. Piggybacking

7. More a growth than anything, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service is the name for what previous product?
A. IBM Storage and Control Service
B. IBM Local and Remote Service
C. IBM BlueMix Container Service
D. IBM Elastic Cloud Service

8. A version of some type of Windows Explorer has existed in every version of Microsoft Windows since the early days but has now been renamed as which of the following?
A. Microsoft Explorer
B. File Explorer
C. Microsoft Edge
D. Microsoft Aero

9. By what title was the Cisco Nexus Dashboard Platform previously known?
A. Cisco Application Services Engine
B. Cisco LEAP Console
C. Cisco Fusion Staging Tool
D. Cisco Information Protection Suite

10. Prior to 2018, the industry-standard Google Ads was known as which of the following?
A. Google Adsense
B. Google Adwords
C. Google Promotion
D. Google Marketing

11. When entering a secure building, it is often necessary to step into a small space with two sets of interlocking doors. The first set of doors has to close fully before the second set can open and this is used to secure access to the premise. Previously known as a mantrap, this is now called a(n):
A. Person trap
B. Access control vestibule
C. Clark turnstile
D. Proximity catch

12. Microsoft, like many technology companies, supports STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) educational programs. Microsoft does so with a subscription-based product called Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. What was this subscription-based product previously referred to as?
A. Azure STEM Master
B. Windows Imagineering Platform
C. Microsoft Imagine Standard and Premium
D. Future Vision Platinum

13. When it comes to descriptive names that explain themselves, Microsoft Flow was the name for the toolkit used to implement business workflow products. It has been rebranded to which of the following?
A. Microsoft Productivity Suite
B. Microsoft Windows Business Toolkit
C. Microsoft Dynamics Add-in Package
D. Microsoft Power Automate

14. Shhhh. IBM had an offering with the stealthy name of IBM Security Secret Server. What has this been renamed to?
A. IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault
B. IBM Open Secret Protector
C. IBM Unified Data Protection Server
D. IBM Diary Keeper and Defender

15. An alternative to Microsoft Excel is Google Sheets. Prior to this name, what was Sheets known as?
A. Google 1-2-3
B. Google Spreadsheets
C. Google VisiCalc
D. Google Numbers

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1. D — In recent CompTIA objectives, what was previously referenced as a DMZ is now known as a screened subnet.
2. B — Oracle Role Manager was previously known as Bridgestream SmartRoles.
3. C — Google changed the name of G Suite to Google Workspace.
4. D — Microsoft's cloud-based storage service OneDrive was previously known as SkyDrive.
5. C — Two other companies joined forces in the 1980's to form Lucky-Goldstar which changed its name over a decade later to LG.
6. C — What was previously called a man-in-the-middle attack is now known as an on-path attack.
7. C — IBM BlueMix Container Service basically got swallowed into IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service.
8. B — Windows Explorer was rechristened by Microsoft as File Explorer.
9. A — The Cisco Nexus Dashboard Platform was previously known as the Cisco Application Services Engine (CASE).
10. B — Prior to 2018, Google Ads was known as Google Adwords.
11. B — Previously known as a mantrap, according to CompTIA exam objectives, this is now called an access control vestibule.
12. C — Azure Dev Tools for Teaching was previously known as Microsoft Imagine Standard and Premium.
13. D — Microsoft Flow, for implementing business workflow products, has been rebranded as Microsoft Power Automate.
14. A —What is now called IBM Security Verify Privilege Vault was previously known as IBM Security Secret Server.
15. B — In 2012, Google Spreadsheets was renamed Google Sheets.

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