Seasons Greetings and a special offer for our faithful readers
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December 23, 2014
You got me a whole year of CertMag?!

Attention, loyal readers: We don’t actually see your smiling faces every day, but we love knowing that you’re there for us. Thanks for being a part of Certification Magazine and We’ve had a wonderful 2014, and we look forward to improving our product and building our audience in the coming year.

We couldn’t do it, however, without our savvy and valued readership. We love you guys. And in the spirit of Christmas cheer, we’d like to offer a small gift. From Dec. 23 through Dec. 27, we invite you to visit and enjoy a free digital subscription to the next year of Certification Magazine.

That’s right, we want you to enjoy the next four quarterly issues of Certification Magazine, free of charge, delivered direct to your phone, tablet, laptop, e-reader, or whatever you use to connect with the online world. Get it right here. Go ahead, you’ve earned it. We appreciate your loyalty and we hope that you’ll stick with us in the future.

Just enter the promo code “xmas2014” at checkout, and you won’t be charged a dime.

Please remember that we’re not extending this exciting special offer indefinitely. At the stroke of midnight on Dec. 27, the horses will turn back into mice, the carriage will go back to being a pumpkin, and there won’t even be a glass slipper left over.

Also, just in case you haven’t taken care of it already, did you know that we’re right in the middle of our annual Salary Survey? Don’t miss out. The Salary Survey only works if a whole lot of you get in touch and share your information with us. It’s 55 questions, and probably takes 10-15 minutes. What are you waiting for, a presidential invitation? Here: We just phoned Barack Obama, and he said, “Get to it.

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Certification Magazine was launched in 1999 and remained in print until mid-2008. Publication was restarted on a quarterly basis in February 2014. Subscribe to CertMag here.

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