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April 22, 2016
Take CertMag's virtualization Salary Survey.

Remember back in 1999 when The Matrix blew everyone's minds with the idea that Keanu Reeves could actually be a totally awesome movie star? Yes, you're right, the thing that blew everyone's minds was the idea that you could freeze an actor in midair and swing the camera around him. All right, fine. No more kidding.

What actually blew people's minds was the perhaps not wholly original, but extremely effectively visualized idea that maybe the world as we know it is just a giant computer simulation that replicates reality but only exists inside a machine. What if that, right? Virtualization technology takes a similar approach, replicating computer systems that function like actual physical setups, but only exist inside a machine.

With virtualization, you can have computers inside of computers inside of computers, like a series of Russian nesting dolls. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is the reduction in cost achieved by circumventing piles of hardware, but that's just the tip of the virtualization iceberg. It's one of the more exciting technologies we have, and there's intense competition to hire virtualization experts.

Welcome to the eighth in our new series of surveys, launched in 2014, that are aimed at smaller targets. We'll still bring out the big bullseye at the end of each year for our annual Salary Survey. In between, however, we'll continue to take a more focused look certain types of certifications.

For the upcoming Summer Edition of Certification Magazine, we're diving into the realm of virtualization certifications. Virtualization is a thriving field and our survey features 40 certifications in all. If you hold one or more of those credentials, then please pull up a chair.

For this survey we've added a dash of incentive to participate. If you take the survey all the way to the end, we'll thank you with either (or both!) of two incentives. You can get a free digital copy of the next issue of Certification Magazine. Or you get a one-year print subscription at 40 percent off the normal cost. (Hate making decisions? Get 'em both! We don't mind.)

You can see the results in July, when our spring edition arrives. (Why not subscribe? No really, we promise you'll love it.) Also, in keeping with our recent custom, we've added a handful of questions at the end of the survey whose answers lie outside the realm of virtualization certification. Please humor us. We like sharing the slightly nutty stuff with you. And now, to the survey!

BIG THANKS to everyone who participated in our Virtualization certification survey! Watch for the results to appear the forthcoming 2016 Summer Edition of Certification Magazine.

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