Salary Survey Extra: Security pros like to stay put, move around
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January 9, 2016

Salary Survey Extra is a series of weekly dispatches that give added insight into the findings of both our annual Salary Survey and our smaller Salary Survey PLUS polls. These posts contain previously unpublished Salary Survey data.

If you like your cybersecurity job, then you can expect to stay put.

A great many workers, across all fields of professional endeavor, stay at the same job year after year. When you land in a situation that feels just right, with an employer whose position in the market seems secure, why not settle in for a spell? There are plenty of other things in life that can, and do, change. Why rock the 9-to-5 boat when you don't have to?

It's not particularly surprising, in that regard, that an impressive contingent of the cybersecurity pros who responded to our recent Security Salary Survey haven't changed jobs since before Barack Obama was even a Senator, let alone the President of the United States. Many employers pay handsomely for top cybersecurity talent, after all, and are willing to offer whatever it takes to keep those people on the payroll.

Cybersecurity threats are continually evolving, on the other hand, and employers are competing to attract skilled security pros. The consistent demand for cybersecurity expertise and consistently high salaries that accompany that demand are also attractive to workers just entering the field.

With some people departing one security niche for another, and others entering the field fresh, it stands to reason that many security professionals would be newcomers to their present workplaces. That trend was also borne out in our findings, which revealed that a substantial number of cybersecurity pros have barely been at their jobs for longer than Donald Trump has been running for president.

(The Donald threw his hat in the ring on June 15, 2015. It only seems like he's been running [his mouth and a presidential campaign] forever.)

So there's both a high degree of job stability in cybersecurity, and a high degree of volatility. If you aren't either more tenured at your job than a college professor, or still so new that you don't even know where all the restrooms are, then you're probably somewhere in the range of having worked there one to four years We asked: How many years have you been with your current primary employer. Here's what the numbers show:

More than 10 years: 20.6 percent
Less than 1 year: 18.3 percent
Three years: 13.7 percent
Two years: 10.5 percent
Four years: 8.2 percent
One year: 6.4 percent

The remaining 22 percent of respondents are scattered between "I've been her a while" and "I'm about to get that 10-year service pin." So keep looking if you're not satisfied with you surroundings β€” everyone else is doing it. If you like the cybersecurity job that you currently hold, however, then by all means, stay put. Just don't be surprised to look up one day and realize that you've been "with the company" longer than almost anyone else you know.

The one true Keanu Reeves movie is ... whoa.

KNOCK, KNOCK, NEO Lots of people have a favorite Keanu Reeves one-liner, facial expression, or other movie moment. There's pretty much one movie he was born to make, however, and all of us who've been with him from the beginning are still a little stunned that it actually didn't turn out to be Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, or even Point Break.

Cybersecurity pros, it would seem, know the score. When we asked, "The Keanu Reeves movie I could watch over and over again is," the film that crushed the field is The Matrix, named by 38 percent of all respondents. Second place, goes to Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, naturally, but with only 8.6 percent of the vote.

The third-most popular option is a three-way tie between two of Keanu's movies, and a statement that encompasses much of his cinematic oeuvre. With 7.1 percent apiece: Point Break, "Hey, why did you leave off Constantine? Jerks" and "These movies are all terrible." Whoa. Here's how the rest of the choices fell out:

There are so many classics! How can I possibly choose? β€” 6.2 percent
John Wick β€” 5.2 percent
Speed β€” 4.8 percent
Who is this Keanu Reeves you speak of? β€” 4.3 percent
The Replacements β€” 2.9 percent
Johnny Mnemonic β€” 2.4 percent
The Lake House β€” 1.9 percent
Furious 7 β€” 1.4 percent
A Walk in the Clouds β€” 1 percent
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey β€” 1 percent
Hardball β€” 0.5 percent
Didn't he die before Furious 7? β€” 0.5 percent

No votes received: Chain Reaction

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