Salary Survey Extra: Salary and depth of IT experience (Non-U.S. workers)
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April 4, 2019

Salary Survey Extra is a series of dispatches that give added insight into the findings of our annual Salary Survey. These posts contain previously unpublished Salary Survey data.

Do certified IT pros outside the United States get paid more based on their years of IT experience? Let's find out!

Last week in this space we looked at the correlation between the number of years certified IT professionals have worked in IT and the total amount of their average (and median annual) salaries. Those numbers were generated using only data from Salary Survey respondents who live in the United States. As noted elsewhere, that's about 55 percent of the total survey population.

We're back this week to look at the same correlation, only using salary data from certified IT professionals who live outside the United States. We saw among U.S. survey respondents an overall trend — albeit with some outlying regressions — of certified IT workers gradually earning more as their total IT work history gradually increases. Experience is valued by U.S. employers, at least to some extent.

So does the same hold true in non-U.S. countries? Here again, we've listed years of IT employment experience, as well as average and media salaries for all non-U.S. survey respondents who have that level of experience, as well as the relative size of each group. Here's what we found:

Non-U.S. Salary Survey Respondents

Years of IT Experience Average Annual Salary Median Annual Salary Percentage of All Respondents at This Level of IT Experience
Less than 1 $32,980 $22,500 1 percent
1 $30,280 $20,000 1.9 percent
2 $31,960 $20,000 1.8 percent
3 $32,330 $20,000 3.4 percent
4 $34,130 $20,000 3.6 percent
5 $44,920 $38,750 3.4 percent
6 $35,780 $22,000 4 percent
7 $42,560 $38,750 3.4 percent
8 $44,960 $40,830 4.7 percent
9 $53,200 $45,000 3 percent
10 $78,680 $43,750 5.7 percent
11 $50,720 $41,250 3.4 percent
12 $57,600 $53,130 5.1 percent
13 $60,680 $53,250 3.2 percent
14 $76,940 $71,250 4.2 percent
15 $60,860 $55,630 7 percent
16 $74.050 $67,500 2.7 percent
17 $57,840 $52,500 2.9 percent
18 $78,150 $70,630 5.5 percent
19 $88,700 $86,250 2.3 percent
20 $82,810 $76,880 5.2 percent
More than 20 $91,710 $86,930 22.6 percent

2019 Salary Survey Data

There's a lot of muddling around with generally low compensation numbers among workers who've been in the IT sector for between zero years (1 to 11 months) and four years. An overall upward trend seems to kick in around the point at which certified IT workers have been in the industry for at least five years. The climb isn't a smooth one by any means, however, with a lot more of those outlying regressions than we saw even among the peaks and valleys of last week's data on U.S. workers.

If you are a certified IT professional living and working somewhere outside the United States, then there's still a good chance that you'll earn more as you accumulate more overall IT experience. It seems reasonable to conclude that prior IT work experience has value whether you're applying for a job in Shanghai — or Lisbon, London, Cairo, Chennai, Nairobi, Nagoya — or San Francisco.

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