Salary Survey Extra: Big Data salaries men vs. women
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September 28, 2017

Salary Survey Extra is a series of dispatches that give added insight into the findings of both our annual Salary Survey and our smaller Salary Survey PLUS polls. These posts contain previously unpublished Salary Survey data.

Do women in IT earn as much as men do? Actually, when it comes to Big Data salaries, they may earn more.

In the IT industry, as in many other realms of professional endeavor, women tend to earn lower salaries than men. Earlier this year, our own annual Salary Survey revealed some rather generalized evidence in support of that observation.

It's probably not universally true, of course, that men in IT earn more than women do across the board. Actually, we have evidence to back that up as well, thanks to our recently survey measuring Big Data salaries. At least when it comes to Big Data salaries, there's reason for women to feel pretty good.

Before we get to the numbers, it's worth noting that we had a much smaller sample size to work with when calculating compensation for women. Among all U.S. respondents to our Big Data Salary Survey, just 18 percent are women. Likewise, among respondents who live and work outside the United States, only 11.1 percent are women.

Bearing that in mind, it's somewhat refreshing to report that the average annual salary for 2017 among U.S. women who are certified Big Data professionals is a healthy $120,830. The comparable figure for U.S. men is just $107,970. Outside the United States, the average annual salary figure for women is just $43,700, nearly $10,000 lower than the comparable figure for men: $52,920.

The men vs. women Big Data salary situation outside the United States is probably closer to what most people would expect to find. So it's noteworthy that, among U.S. big data professionals, women are, by at least one measure, outpacing their male counterparts.

Who's The Most Darling of Them All Yes, yes, it's time for another of those silly End of Survey questions that we like to torment our survey respondents with. Well, "torment" is probably not the exact right word. Our actual intent is for these questions to provide an amusing respite from the hard work of survey taking.

And also to glean some amusing material to weave through these relatively dry Salary Survey Extra pieces. So for this particular question, we asked survey respondents to rate the adorableness (or should that be "adorability"?) of nonhuman movie characters. It probably sounds complicated, but there were actually no scientific metrics involved.

Here's what we learned:

Q: Which nonhuman film character is the most adorable?

Baby Groot β€” 19.8 percent
This question offends me. β€” 15.8 percent
E.T. β€” 14.9 percent
Yoda β€” 13.9 percent
The talking teacup thing from Beauty and the Beast β€” 8.9 percent
These are all from Star Wars. Don't you guys watch anything besides Star Wars? β€” 7.9 percent
Chewbacca β€” 6.9 percent
That one Ewok from Return of the Jedi who takes Princess Leia back to the village. β€” 5.9 percent
BB-8 β€” 4.0 percent
The guy who wrecks stuff from Wreck-It Ralph. What's that guy's name? β€” 2.0 percent

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