Review: Fast track your IT ambitions with a Career Academy membership
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May 18, 2016
Career Academy's new membership plan can help you get certified.

We live in the information age, an age where an extraordinary amount of knowledge, intelligence and instruction is just a mouse click away. A good online educator has the capacity to take that wealth of knowledge and organize it in a way that is easy for a student to understand. IT certification training providers tackle this challenge head on.

The ability to upload and provide rich amounts of content online has made membership programs and subscription models a valuable asset to training providers around the globe. Some of the big name subscription-based programs include ISACA's Professional Membership, Cisco's Learning Network Premium and CompTIA's CertMaster — to name a few.

These training providers are seeing countless benefits to the membership model. Not only are students able to access specified courses, but they are integrated into a membership network with other certification candidates and certified professionals who can provide valuable assistance and feedback. These benefits have persuaded many training providers to move into the membership world, and one of the latest to make the transition is Career Academy.

Career Academy provides online video-based learning solutions for IT, cybersecurity, project management, IT service management and office professionals. As a leading training provider, Career Academy has designed its membership model to provide top-flight training and preparation to today's emerging workforce.

"With our membership program we are able to train thousands upon thousands of individuals daily, increasing their skills and improving their knowledge," said Kevin Stuart, Director of Operations at Career Academy.

That improvement is made possible by the membership program's sound structure and thorough organization. Educators at Career Academy understand that every student has a unique learning style. The biggest strength of a Career Academy membership is the guidance that lets you navigate a wide range of certification training at your own pace — with your best interest in mind. It's as if the professionals at Career Academy know you personally and, based on your needs, are able to direct you to the proper training.

Each student is given access to the comprehensive User Guide that provides clear instructions on how the system functions, helping them get the most out of their training.

For those seeking certification training who don't know where to begin, Career Academy has also provided a Recommended Training Path Guide which offers direction on which certification to begin with, and which certification to pursue after that. Each training path has a clear outline that lays out every step to keep users on track.

Once you've experienced this level of guidance, it's hard to imagine tackling a certification without it. It would be like getting the keys to the family car, with a full tank of gas, before ever taking Drivers Ed, or even knowing the difference between the gas and brake pedals.

"Our training is led by highly skilled instructors who utilize presentations and hands-on demonstrations to fully cover the training concepts from start to finish," explained Stuart. "Students can train when they want, where they want by using our mobile friendly platform."

For a lump-sum annual payment of $99, participants are given access to more than 1,200 video courses that will lead you safely to certification. The video instruction is straightforward, employing bulleted lists and helpful graphics to stress key points for optimal exam preparation.

With anytime anywhere access, members have the ability to replay training videos as often as needed, and from wherever there's an available web connection. When a student is ready for the challenge of a practice exam, they simply click on the exam link at the bottom of any training series page.

Career Academy's new membership plan can help you get certified.

The path from novice to certified expert is made easy by Career Academy's course navigation, which is both straightforward and user friendly. In addition to the course material, students are provided with review quizzes and printable workbooks to prepare them for a certification exam and, ultimately, a certificate of completion.

A Career Academy membership currently gives you access to IT networking and project management training, as well as Microsoft Office, cybersecurity and business skills training. According to Stuart, members will have access to human resources, legal, accounting, social media and soft-skills training courses in the future. When a new course is released, it will automatically be added to any existing memberships.

Not only are students able to earn certificates of completion, but they can earn Continuing Education Units (CEU), Professional Development Units (PDU), ITIL credit and college credit. Stuart also confirmed that there will soon be additional career benefits available to all Career Academy members.

For a generous price, a Career Academy member has a wealth of knowledge at his or her fingertips, served up in a very well organized and effective manner. If you know that certification is a must for your career to take off, then a Career Academy membership will provide the necessary direction and education.

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