Oracle University an active presence at Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne
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September 26, 2017
Oracle University is making it easy to advance your Oracle certification goals while attending Oracle OpenWorld or JavaOne.

Big technology companies and IT associations tend to put a great deal of stock in gathering at least once a year. The conferences and conventions serve a variety of purposes, typically with an emphasis on building up brand and product recognition, both among consumers and industry professionals.

Database titan Oracle Corporation, one of the largest tech companies in the world, convenes a double-size convention each fall in San Francisco to shine a spotlight on its two biggest brands: Oracle, of course, and the programming language Java, which Oracle acquired in its 2010 takeover of Sun Microsystems.

For five days next week, Oct. 1-5, the colocated Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne events will the be the center of the Oracle universe. That news is probably mostly of interest to employees and customers of Oracle, but there's a sometimes overlooked subcategory of participant for who attendance at Oracle OpenWorld or Java One can provide a big boost: certified professionals.

Conferences and conventions are often a excellent place for certified professionals to accrue fringe benefits: exam discounts, workshops and seminars, live training with expensive equipment, product demonstrations, professional networking, and much more. It's a great way to supercharge your training, or ramp up your IT community involvement.

The Oracle certification program is one of the largest in IT, and Oracle University, the company's official certification and training arm, is anxious to welcome the hundreds of certified professionals who will be in attendance. There are a host of extras and add-ons available to enhance the conference experience, including the following:

Oracle Test Fest (Oct. 2-5) — The Test Fest event encompasses 10 sessions covering more than 80 different Oracle certification exams. Every who participates can take one Oracle certification exam free of charge. Seating is limited, so don't delay.

Deep-Dive One-day Training Seminars (Oct. 1) — You need to have a little extra cabbage for this one: For $850, you can reserve your spot in a high-intensity single-day boot camp covering either Oracle or Java technology. There are 14 different seminars to choose from.

Take Any Oracle Exam for $100 — Certification exams are expensive. If you are a registered attendee at Oracle OpenWorld or JavaOne, however, you can add an exam voucher to your registration for just $100. That's more than half-off the standard cost of an Oracle certification exam.

Connect with Oracle University — Remember how conferences and conventions are a great place to attend product demonstrations, participate in special sessions dedicated to certification, and network with like-minded professionals? Here you go.

Oracle Code (Oct. 3) — Oracle Code is a major event for developers and programmers. You can join in for technical sessions, hands-on labs, a developer lounge, and more.

If you are an Oracle Certified Professional already, or thinking about becoming one, then don't let Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne pass you by. This a great opportunity for professional development.

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