New training course provides solid footing in Microsoft Office 365
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December 14, 2016
CBT Nuggets' new Office 365 training is better than ever.

CBT Nuggets, a provider of innovative IT training delivered in nugget-sized bits of knowledge, has just released another engaging learning experience. Want to get up to speed on Microsoft Office 365, in order to pass Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements (exam 70-346)? CBT Nuggets can help.

Managing Microsoft Office 365 Identities and Requirements is a certification exam focused on the administration of an Office 365 tenant in a corporate environment. The CBT course delves into the various topics covered on the exam including provisioning, implementing, and managing the products and features of Office 365.

Designed for individuals with experience in basic systems and Windows Server admin, including Active Directory, or Windows PowerShell, the course prepares students to deploy and maintain Office 365 in their own environments and to pass the 70-346 exam.

The impetus behind the new course is the rapidly growing use of cloud computing services for businesses and individuals. "For businesses of all sizes, the Cloud is fast becoming a more legitimate way to grow your business and IT infrastructure without having to blow up your IT budget," said CBT instructor Ben Finkel.

And the course is not just for business professionals. Since Microsoft Office 365 is designed to transfer seamlessly across all devices, individuals and home users can both take advantage of increased flexibility and mobility via their home computers, smart-phones, and other devices.

The course consists entirely of 100 percent prerecorded self-paced materials, and learners are encouraged to follow along with the instructor via their personal installation of Office 365. The cost is just $99 per month for access to all of CBT Nuggets' offerings.

The new Office 365 training material is presented in 19 short nuggets of time that range between 12 and 15 minutes each.

Learners begin with a basic introduction to just what Microsoft Office 365 is, as well as the concepts and topics to be covered. Students then progress, at their own pace, though all 19 nuggets, learning to create tenancies, use custom domains, planning and deploying pilots — all the way up to remote connectivity and how to handle service interruptions.

The course stands out from other offerings on the market for two specific reasons: First, the videos are based directly on the exam objectives published by Microsoft. If a student needs to focus on a particular topic or area, then they can easily find the video or videos that address that material.

Second, they also employ a show-don't-tell philosophy. Where possible, the videos walk students through a live demonstration of the concepts and functionality being taught.

"We go to great lengths to ensure that users can follow along with the videos in their own environment so that they get an actual hands-on learning experience instead of just a lecture," said Finkel.

CBT's Office 365 training also includes a number of innovative features to prepare students to pass the 70-346 exam. By partnering with Transcender, they are able to offer practice exams at no additional cost to the learner. There are also "Accountability Coaches" so that students can receive personal coaching, support, and advice as needed. The coaches are available to help in whatever way the learner needs via phone, e-mail, text, or Slack.

Another new and innovative feature is CBT's "Validated Minutes" initiative — every one of their videos now includes an embedded real-time quiz interface in the form of pop-up quiz questions.

As learners answer these pop-up quiz questions, it validates the time they spent viewing the video. The questions also help learners stay engaged and receive immediate feedback on topics they are learning — there is no waiting to do a quiz at the end of the session.

As with all CBT courseware, learners can be certain that they are receiving the most up-to-date information. Delivery of the course material is structured around Microsoft's official exam objectives and students are presented materials that are directly relevant to passing the certification and achieving exam success.

As an added assurance, CBT requires that all of their trainers have to take and pass the relevant certifications before publishing their videos. "Learners receive training from not only an experienced test taker, but from an expert instructor who knows how to deliver an engaging, thoughtful, accurate, and memorable learning experience," said Finkel.

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