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February 21, 2015
The Certification Magazine Salary Survey for 2014 is jam packed with awesome IT certification and salary info!

From time to time, faithful visitors to have doubtless encountered a story with one of those lead-off disclaimers about how what they're reading "first appeared in the (such-and-such) issue of Certification Magazine." Yes, there is still a Certification Magazine, published four times a year, which is where we typically hide all of our best Salary Survey information. There's a survey in every issue of the magazine, although we only do the Big One once a year.

Speaking of which, we conducted our most recent annual Salary Survey at the end of 2014, and a report of our results is now available in the latest quarterly edition of Certification Magazine. (Apologies for burying the lead.) If you aren't already a subscriber to the print edition, then you can grab a digital copy off the stack for just $3.99, or get a one-year digital subscription for just $1.99 per quarterly issue. (We'll do the math for you: Annual subscribers save $8 per year over the cost of paying for each issue as it pops through.)

Much like Certification Magazine Salary Surveys of yore, this one includes a list of popular certifications and the average annual salary reported by survey respondents who hold that certification. With more than 18,000 IT pros responding to this year's survey, we gathered an impressive amount of data, enough to calculate salaries for 75 different certifications. Here's a randomly chosen piece of the action: No. 41 on the list is the Server+ credential sponsored by CompTIA, with an average annual salary of $73,140.

As referenced above, some of the features in the magazine will eventually receive a curtain call here at And we'll disclose bits and pieces of Salary Survey information that didn't get into the magazine throughout the year, both here and in the Certification Magazine newsletter. (Delivered free to your inbox every other week. All we need is your e-mail and your name, entered  in the "Keep In Touch" box in the top-right corner of this page. Look, it's right over there. See it? Just three lines of info and you're in.)

In this week's Certification Magazine newsletter, for example, we shared the following:

"How many IT pros earned a new cert in 2014? The year brought nothing new for about 49 percent of those who responded to CertMag's annual Salary Survey, while 28 percent got one new cert and 13 percent got two. About 1.5 percent were serious overachievers, adding 6 or more new certs in 2014."

There's more where that came from. So grab a magazine and get signed up for the newsletter. And if you want to join the ranks of "those who responded to CertMag's annual Salary Survey," keep an eye on later this year. We'd love to hear from  you.

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