The enthusiasm is infectious: CompTIA Network+ video training from CBT Nuggets
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May 21, 2015
CBT Nuggets can help you study for Network+ certification.

The new CBT Nuggets video training module CompTIA Network+ N10-006 is aimed at individuals who want to kick off a career in networking, or improve on existing network skills. Candidates for this training include network managers who want to fill in some of the gaps in their knowledge and/or gain a better understanding regarding the work their technicians and engineers do. There's also appeal for end-users who want a better understanding of networks, so they can better address simple network related issues on their own.

The course prepares students to earn CompTIA's Network+ certification. The new N10-006 exam replaced the prior N10-005 exam February 2015, and has an increased emphasis on practical knowledge reflecting today's technology and the "current thinking of industry professionals," particularly how to identify, utilize and troubleshoot elements of a network infrastructure.

Significant updates to the new N10-006 Exam include: Emphasis on Troubleshooting, Additional Security Knowledge, Additional IPv6 Concepts, Administering Key Systems

The new CBT Nuggets course is designed to give candidates more hands-on experience with the installation, implementation, managing and troubleshooting of networks. According to CBT trainer and virtualization and networking expert Keith Barker, "The new certification exam wants to know if the candidate can take the knowledge learned and apply it along with critical thinking skills to develop solutions. CompTIA Network+ N10-006 helps them do that.

"CBT Nuggets is one of the largest online certification companies in the world. They specialize in 24/7 online video training for IT professionals learning the technology of leading Industry vendors, including Cisco, CompTIA, VMware and Microsoft.

The new course is available as a subscription to CBT's entire library of courses for both individuals and teams. Subscriptions can be paid monthly or annually. Basic plans are $99 monthly and Premium is $996 annually. Basic includes speed control, closed captions, notes, bookmarks and Nugget Lab files. Premium includes offline training, Transcender practice exams, virtual labs and Accountability Coaching.

CBT online courses are taught in a "white board" manner by industry experts in an engaging and informative way that utilizes humor and anecdote to keep the student involved. "People learn more if they're awake," said Barker. "Our goal is to engage the student connect and have a knowledge transfer so that the student leaves the course with an increase in skills and confidence.

"The name CBT Nuggets refers to a nugget of time for learning something the 10 to 15 minute time frame of optimal learning for most people. During that time the videos provide "concise and informative nuggets of knowledge.

"Barker is an example of CBT's excellent trainers. He is an exuberant individual with an absolutely infectious air of positivity about him. "CBT Nuggets' courseware can help anyone pass a certification," Barker said. He also understands the challenges of earning a certification and offers a few suggestions: Dive right in and get as much tactical experience as possible; pause the video and practice the commands and operations. Study in brief spurts, the 10 to 15 minute "sweet spot" of learning. "Inch-by-inch, Life's a cinch!" After you've learned a nugget, teach someone else. It's never too late to certify.

Barker is most persuasive. In fact, he's thrown the gauntlet at this humble scribe, a repentant Luddite at best. I'm accepting his challenge of spending 10 to 15 minutes a day between now and Aug. 31 using CompTIA Network+ N10-006 to prepare for and take the exam. (Like I said, his cheerful enthusiasm is infectious.) I'll let you know how things turn out in September.

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