Enter the GoCertify Bracket Challenge for a Shot at Great Prizes
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March 13, 2015
Get into the spirit of March Madness with the GoCertify Bracket Challenge!

What does certification have to do with NCAA March Madness? Trick question! Once Selection Sunday puts all of the pieces on the gameboard, everything has to do with March Madness. Even people who devote about as much mental bandwidth to college athletics the rest of the year as the average motorcycle gang might spend learning to cross stitch still know what an "office pool" is, or could fairly accurately predict the outcome of a 1 vs. 16 matchup. March Madness is all of us.

That's why Certification Magazine is teaming up with GoCertify, TestOut Corporation and the U.S. Army National Guard to sponsor the first-ever GoCertify Bracket Challenge. Because even we have a hard time staring at nothing but the work documents and spreadsheets during that first wild-and-woolly week of games. The Bracket Challenge, like most office pools, really begins Monday, once everyone knows what the entire field will look like. We're letting you know about it today so that you know where to go to get a piece of the action next week.

The GoCertify Bracket Challenge is just like any other March Madness pool, except that we offer you the chance to get more than just office bragging rights or, you know, maybe first dibs the next time that someone leaves a sheet cake or a box of donuts in the break room. We've got really cool prizes: A tricked-out laptop PC, a Kindle Fire, a brand new all-leather basketball, and much more. You could win free certification products from TestOut, or a gym bag from the Army National Guard. A 2GB Certmag thumb drive, or a GoCertify T-shirt.

(You know you'd look sick beating your buddies down the court for a coast-to-coast layup while rocking your sweet new GoCertify threads. Don't just play ball at the gym — own the gym.)

The best part of it is that you don't even need to know anything about basketball to participate. You could go to almost any office in America and get story after story about Grace (or Ted, or Sally, or Norbert) from accounting (or HR, or payroll, or the front desk) who won the pool by picking cool-look mascots, or favorite uniform colors. If you've ever heard the old Hollywood line, "Nobody knows anything," it's more true of NCAA Tournament bracketology than just about anything else in life. Trust us: Your guess really is as good as anyone else's.

If you've never done this before, then you can pick up a few helpful tips over at GoCertify. Really, though, the  most important thing is that there are lots of cool prizes, and it really does feel good to beat than pants off of everyone else's bracket. Somebody in your office is going to be the big winner — it might as well be you! Also, head over to YouTube to check out the original March Madness theme music from CBS before making your picks on Monday. Research has proven that bracket picks are 78 percent more accurate with appropriate theme music.

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