Elect to participate in (ISC)² Security Congress 2020
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October 27, 2020
Cast a vote to advance your cybersecurity career by registering to participate in (ISC)�'s upcoming Security Congress event.

Americans have frequently expressed disgust with the bicameral legislative branch of the federal government, which seems to have been mired in gridlock and partisan bickering for at least a decade now. Even amid the turbulent political gasbaggery of 2020, however, there's one congress that you don't have to feel aggrieved by, or find yourself distastefully reluctant to embrace.

Information security professionals, in particular, should not hesitate to cast a vote in favor of the upcoming (ISC)² Security Congress event, to be held Nov. 16-18 ... in your very own living room, home office, favorite bench at the park, or neighborhood caf (with mask worn and appropriate social distancing observed). That's right, Security Congress 2020 will be a virtual event.

That means no mixers or socializing, no after-hours excursions to local tourist attractions, and no striking up a conversation in the hallway. Of course, not everything will be different. The three days will feature 45 different sessions with multiple keynote addresses — and more than 3,000 cybersecurity professionals have already registered to attend. Unlike an omnibus budget bill, those are some numbers with no pork and zero bull.

The ongoing clash between data and network protection professionals and the digital malefactors of the world grows more heated every year, and business and government organizations desperate to secure their digital frontiers need security workers with impeccable credentials. Career development is more or less mandatory for anyone in the cybersecurity trade.

Security Congress is an ideal resource for certified security professionals who recognize the importance of keeping their knowledge current and their skills sharp. Each year, (ISC)² brings together thousands of security industry colleagues who learn, discuss, collaborate, and push at the real and imagined boundaries of cybersecurity vigilance.

If you hold (ISC)² certifications, then Security Congress offers an opportunity to earn more than 45 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits toward recertification. There are also two days of intensive pre-conference training opportunities (Nov. 14-15) for security professionals who have had their sights on (ISC)² certification, but haven't yet toed the line.

Now, you may look at the November dates of Security Congress and think, It's too late! I've probably already missed registration. Cool your jets, flyboy. You still have more than two full weeks to get registered, and you can choose either an all-access pass, or use the single day pass options to attend whenever is most convenient for your schedule.

You can even still save on the overall cost of registration by becoming a member of (ISC)². For example, you could shave $100 off the cost of an all-access pass by becoming a member. Think about all the things you could do with an extra $100 that you didn't have to spend on registering to attend Security Congress! You could get a brand-new bathrobe to wear as you relax in bed and watch the Security Congress keynote address.

You can jump over to the Security Congress website to seal the deal, as well as view agendas and finalize your plans. Don't hesitate to advance your cybersecurity career by attending a first-rate professional conference.

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