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December 13, 2014
Need an IT job? These tips will help you  lock it down.

Ever wondered what the top employers in the tech industry are thinking when searching for a new hire?  That wondering seems justified when you think about everything that those employers have to consider when looking for a new IT employee.

Leading IT industry association CompTIA recently posted some job seeking tips for IT job hopefuls, given from a hiring professional's point of view. The blog post features interviews with three recruiters from popular IT companies: Hillary Campbell of Check Point in Redwood City, Calif.; Bryan Powell of VMware in Palo Alto, Calif.; and Beth Conway of CA Technologies in Islandia, N.Y. These recruiters were asked a series of questions about what IT pros should consider when applying for a new position.

When asked what they look for in a potential candidate, all three hiring professionals agreed on one thing they always pay close attention to: the candidate's work history. Recruiters don't just want to gain an understanding of a candidate's past work experience — they want to see whether the candidate has a history of "job hopping" (more than five employers in the last 10 years), whether they have increased in responsibility over time, and whether they have a history of learning agility.

The trio of "techruiters" (tech recruiters — see what we did there?) also expressed the importance of having a resume that accurately reflects your accomplishments. It's important that you be open and honest about those accomplishments, letting interviewers know what areas of technology you are drawn to, and whether you are self taught. Prove to the techruiter that you have the certifications that qualify you to excel in the job they're hiring for. Make sure to do your homework about the company you are interviewing with, so you can ask specific questions.

The post, which appeared at CompTIA's IT Careers Blog, also contains a wealth of of more detail-oriented — though no less sound — advice. For instance, keep your resume to one page and use keywords within your resume like "operating systems" or "hardware and software," and make these keywords easy for a techruiter to see. When seeking IT employement, avoid embellishing your knowledge of certain technologies, and don't overlook the importance of soft skills (are you a hard worker, problem solver, positive, etc.). It's important to be yourself and be genuine. Focus on the positives with regard to past job experiences, and take accountability for your actions: Never bad-mouth past employers.

It's also extremely important to network when searching for the right IT job.  "A combination of whom you know and what you know can make the difference," said Conway. Use the networking resources available at sites like LinkedIn,, and

Here are a few other resources for job placement tips:

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