IT Certification Council seeks nominees for first annual innovation award
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January 14, 2015
The IT Certification Council wants YOU to nominate somebody.

There's a new sheriff in Certificationville, and he's looking for able deputies. Actually, "he" is the Information Technology Certification Council, an organization of IT industry leaders, and the "able deputies" are you, the faithful adherents of IT certification and readers of Certification Magazine and We're going for a mood here, though, so just roll with it, OK? At any rate, the sheriff needs to track down at least one of the brightest minds in IT, and only you, the deputies, can get the job done right. So join the posse, saddle up, lock and load, etc.

The IT Certification Council, which, in addition to cleaning up this town, wants to promote and improve certification in general, is seeking to honor a certification game changer with its first annual Innovation Award. The nomination process is open to everyone who has a professional interest in IT certification, and nominations are being sought through Jan. 26. Once chosen from the pool of nominees, the winner will be announced at the ATP Innovations in Testing Conference, to be held March 1-4 in Palm Springs, Calif. Let's face it, a trip to Palm Springs in early March is almost as good as any other prize that could be given.

Now, before everyone goes stampeding off into the brush willy-nilly, take a look at the Wanted poster and be sure that you know exactly who the IT Certification Council is looking for. For a qualifying nomination, both the nominator and the nominee must be involved in the IT certification community. The person chosen must have implemented an innovative test, process or service within the past two years. And that test, process or service must provide a benefit to users and address an IT certification and testing need. So as you start to get on the trail of a likely nominee, be sure that they fit the profile.

Nominators must present their candidate in a brief written profile of no more than 500 words. The profile should address the following points:

  • How did the product/service meet an unmet need or improve upon an existing process?
  • How is the product/service a unique offering?
  • What new value was created for the end user?
  • How will it go beyond marginal improvement and create a wide impact across the industry?
  • How has the product/service created a “me too” response from competitors?
  • What quantifiable evidence or market data is available to support the success of the initiative?\

One complete, your nomination should be submitted to the IT Certification Council via e-mail: So take this star, pin it on your coat, and skedaddle. Let's round up those nominees before sundown.

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