CertBlaster offers exam-based approach to A+ certification prep
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January 30, 2020
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There's no definitive answer to the oft-asked question, "What is the best way to prepare for a certification exam?" On the other hand, one surefire way to learn a lot about taking a certification exam is to take a certification exam. Over and over again, if you need to.

Actual certification exams, of course, cost money. So you could burn quite a hole in your wallet with the "try, try again" plan of attack. Which is one reason that CertBlaster's approach to IT certification training is so helpful. With exam simulations that precisely re-create the conditions of a certification exam, CertBlaster lets you practice taking the test as much as you like.

Exam simulations are a key feature of the CompTIA A+ Certification Bundle offered by CertBlaster, a web-based, in-browser training suite that includes eight different exam simulations. Once you're confident that you've mastered the material, you can take the test repeatedly and see how you do. All before actually heading to a testing center to sit for the real thing.

Exam simulations are just one feature of CertBlaster's comprehensive approach to training. With more than 1,000 individual practice questions, the A+ bundle will help you explore every nook and cranny of the A+ exam domains. And each questions comes with detailed explanations to help you understand why you did — or didn't — answer correctly.

There are three different training modes to help you at different stages of your exam preparation. Assessment mode helps you figure out how much you know already, and where you need to focus your learning to prepare for the exam. That's a perfect setup for Study mode, which lets you tackle questions in the recommended areas of study and learn from your mistakes.

Certification mode is where you'll find the aforementioned exam simulations. Once you've used Assessment mode to pinpoint the gaps in your knowledge, and Study mode to target those gaps and fill them in, Certification mode can help you put it all together.

CertBlaster has other tools to help ensure your success, including a Personal Testing Plan (PTP) that helps customize your learning experience, and performance grading to help you recognize and target the exam domains where you need the most study and practice.

You also won't get left in the lurch with the same old content, doing the same drills or answering the same questions. CertBlaster refreshes it content four times a year to both diversify your learning experience and keep you abreast of the latest types of questions and question content used for the actual A+ exam.

CertBlaster has a solid HTML5 backbone to keep you up and running no matter how you access it, whether by smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC. And CertBlaster bundles have a two-year license � you'll have access to everything CertBlaster offers for 24 months from the date of activation.

There are lots of different ways to prepare for a certification exam. CertBlaster offers a good mix of reliable training tools and the convenience of any-hour online access.

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