2020 in Review: Most popular articles 21 through 30
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December 29, 2020
Out of all the content to appear at CertMag.com in 2020, which were our most popular articles?

There is a vast expanse of IT certification content here at CertMag.com, and each year it gets a little more far-flung. With new articles four days a week most weeks during the year, that's roughly 200 new articles every year. Some are articles previously published in Certification Magazine, but about three-quarters of what you get here on the website is original content.

No doubt there are some of you out there who read everything that shows up here. (Or at least we hope there's no doubt of that. And if you really are one of those hardcore CertMag readers, then gold star for you. We'd like to shake your hand and buy you a drink.) The average drop-in visitor, however, probably doesn't get even a real taste of everything that shows up here in a calendar year.

That's why recaps like this are so helpful. There's no need to wonder what you've missed: Other visitors to the site have already voted with their mouse clicks, and curated a list of the most compelling articles to appear on the site in 2019. We're going to do this in three installments, comprising the 30 most-read new articles of the year.

Today we're bringing you our third installment, the most popular articles of 2020, nos. 21 through 30:

21) Are student-earned certifications a good indication of job-ready skills?: "An IT certification is considered an external, objective evidence of one's knowledge and practical experience in a specific technology or domain. A student, however, may possess only nominal practical experience, if any at all." (by Naveed Saleem, Gokhan Gercek, Faiza Zalila, Jian Lin, and Michael Wu)

22) Salary Survey Extra: Desktop and laptop computing in the workplace: "Over the final decade of the 20th century and into the first decade of the 21st, it certainly seemed that every IT employee had a desk, and every desk had a computer: tower/box, plus monitor, plus keyboard, mouse, and various other peripherals." (by CertMag Staff)

23) Salary Survey Extra: Do older certified IT worker earn bigger salaries?: "Tenured IT professionals, probably for most of the reasons you'd imagine � greater value on account of advanced knowledge and experience, for example � generally earn bigger salaries than their younger peers." (by CertMag Staff)

24) Salary Survey Extra: Deep Focus on AWS Certified Developer Associate: "Nobody stays King of the Hill forever. When we drew up last year's Salary Survey 75 list, the Amazon Web Services Certified Developer Associate credential was the hot new No. 1. With this year's list, it's just another number (No. 11, to be precise) looking up from the crowd." (by CertMag Staff)

25) The challenges (and benefits?) of the work-from-home world: "One of the most oft-discussed barriers to a true work-from-home scenario is time management. From the employer's perspective, they may that workers cannot go unsupervised - if left to their own devices, they will not work." (by Nathan Kimpel)

26) Red Hat launches remote testing for certification exams: "After launching remote testing with four key credentials - Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Administration, and Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Application Development - Red Hat has quickly expanded the program and intends to eventually offer most exams remotely." (by CertMag Staff)

27) Blaze your own trail with training and certifications: "I'm currently vice president of information technology at Secured Retail Networks (SRN), but I didn't take a traditional path to get to where I am in my career. For starters, I didn't go to college. My interest in computers began in childhood." (by Preston Strait)

28) Salary Survey Extra: Which certification did you earn most recently?: "One of the questions we ask each year in our Salary Survey is for each survey respondent to identify their most recently earned certification. For some people that may be the only certification they've ever gotten." (by CertMag Staff)

29) Salary Survey Extra: Deep Focus on MCSE: Core Infrastructure: "As of June 30, there will no longer be any exams available for any MCSA, MCSD, or MCSE certifications. And in two years from June 30, all MCSA, MCSD, and MCSE certification will be officially deactivated." (by CertMag Staff)

30) Memorization can be an important tool for learning: "When taking IT certification exams, there is a certain level of knowledge that is just assumed. One way to remember some of the key knowledge you need is through memorization." (by Craig Jenkins)


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