2017 in Review: Most popular articles 11 through 20
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December 28, 2017
Which articles rank 11 through 20 on our "most popular of 2017" list?

There is a deep well of IT certification content here at CertMag.com, and each year it gets a little deeper. With new articles four days a week most weeks during the year, that's roughly 200 new articles every year. Some are articles previously published in Certification Magazine, but about three-quarters of what you get here on the website is original content.

No doubt there are some of you out there who read everything that shows up here. (Or at least we hope there's no doubt of that. And if you really are one of those hardcore CertMag readers, then gold star for you. We'd like to shake your hand and buy you a drink.) The average drop-in visitor, however, probably doesn't get even a real taste of everything that shows up here in a calendar year.

That's why recaps like this are so helpful. There's no need to wonder what you've missed: Other visitors to the site have already voted with their mouse clicks, and curated a list of the most compelling articles to appear on the site in 2017. We're going to do this in two installments, comprising the 20 most-read new articles of the year. Today we're bringing you the second of those lists, our most popular articles 11 through 20 of 2017:

11) The six best countries to look for IT work "Suitably-skilled tech professionals are the most mobile workers in the modern global economy. They can relocate across continents in search of professional fulfilment, higher income, better work-life balance, and even adventure." (by Reena Ghosh)

12) Salary Survey Extra: What's the average IT salary in your (U.S.) state? "If you have the right —very particular set of skills — our apologies to Liam Neeson — and probably especially if those skills are backed by a certification, then you're likely to find work just about wherever you look for it." (by CertMag Staff)

13) Salary Survey Extra: Deep Focus on CCSP "Cloud cities are popular in science fiction, for example — both Star Wars and Star Trek feature such fantastical locales — but we still live with both our feet and buildings on the ground." (by CertMag Staff)

14) Securing the Cloud: Inside the CCSP certification "The cloud's defining characteristic of anytime-anywhere, internet-based access is a source of great convenience, but it is also a point of vulnerability." (by Aaron Axline)

15) The best Big Data certifications for IT newcomers "For me, database performance must be a second priority behind a tightly controlled schema that constrains data in tables and table relationships. #DataNerd" (by Tim Warner)

16) The Federal IT Security Institute (FITSI) is locked in on security certification "Today's Federal IT environment is a complex puzzle of people, processes and technologies. To protect and defend this environment, federal departments and agencies need to have a workforce with the appropriate knowledge, skills and abilities to meet the federal requirements of cyber and IT." (by Calvin Harper)

17 The Linux Foundation is a great place to start your Linux certification path "The current version of the Linux Foundation came into being in 2007, as a product of the merger of two organizations: the Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) and the Free Standards Group (FSG)." (by Aaron Axline)

18) Salary Survey Extra: Deep Focus on CCSK "Cloud computing can be a real rainmaker in terms of furthering the business interests and bottom line of companies and organizations." (by CertMag Staff)

19) Salary Survey Extra: Top certification training materials "Some IT professionals look at their next certification exam as being akin to a speed zone on the highway of a fast-paced career. You might tap the brakes a bit, but it doesn't take much in the way of preparation to sail through and get back up to the normal rate of travel." (by CertMag Staff)

20) Show them your badge: The expanding impact of digital badges "It is important for you to be able to communicate the effort that goes into your certification achievements, along with the role that you play within your organization. And there has never been a better time to use technology to bring that about." (by Brandye Barrington and Diana Gray)

BONUS: They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that's true, then this article is certainly our most worthwhile of 2017.

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