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Wayne Anderson

Five-year mission: Overcoming challenges in pursuit of CITA-P certification

Fifteen thousand feet and climbing, an elbow in my ribs, late with a flight delay and yet only one word captures my feeling at this moment: elation. ...

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Dear CertMag: What should I study in college to prepare for my IT career?

Dear CertMag: Bet you don’t hear from many high school students. I’m about to graduate (in May) and I currently have my CCNA, Network+ ...

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Dear CertMag: I've lost interest in recertification. Is it really that important?

Dear CertMag: I work in security for the IT division of a large national bank. I have an SSCP and CISSP from (ISC)². I've been through ...

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Dear CertMag: I want to transition to Big Data. Could a boot camp help?

Dear CertMag: I like what I'm hearing about big data. I've worked in database management for a couple of years ...

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Dear CertMag: Should I hire a high school student with a certification?

Dear CertMag: I operate a small computer sales/resale/repair business. I have two stores and we're hoping to open a third location at the end of 2015 ...

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Dear CertMag: Will online training labs help me get certified?

Dear CertMag: What do you make of the buzz about online training labs? CompTIA is pushing CertMaster here, there and everywhere ...

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Dear CertMag: What is the value of social media certifications?

Dear CertMag: I’ve heard a lot about social media certifications recently. It doesn’t seem like something that would be worth all that much. Honestly, who doesn’t know about using Twitter, Facebook, etc. ...

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Dear CertMag: I suspect a colleague of intending to cheat on a cert exam. What's next?

Dear CertMag: I’m in a bit of an ethical dilemma here. I work quite closely with a small team of developers. Over the past few months, a few of us have been pushing to get a mid-level cert.

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Dear CertMag: I see layoffs everywhere. How can I protect myself?

Dear CertMag: There have been a lot of layoffs in IT recently, with thousands of employees losing their jobs, even at some of the largest tech companies in the world. I know everyone’s individual situation is different ...

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