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Steve Linthicum

Improve your certification exam results with intelligent guessing and time management

For almost three decades I have taught IT and cybersecurity classes at the college and university levels. ...

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IoT security for your home network

As smart homes become more commonplace, implementation of adequate network security has risen to the level of critical need. This is primarily because of concerns about the security of IoT devices. This is ...

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IT certifications and changes in the landscape

With my planned retirement date of June 30 from the California Community College system, it looks like I won't be the only one retiring. On that day, Microsoft will be retiring a whole series of somewhat ...

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Get a cybersecurity job by taking charge of your career development

An advantage of having longevity in the information technology field is that you gain an understanding of where we are today and how that compares with circumstances of the past. That kind of ...

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ITDRC volunteers enhance their IT skills through disaster recovery assistance

In August of 2018, after Hurricane Maria struck the island of Puerto Rico, power and communications were down on the majority of the island. Fiber networks were thrashed, and more than 90 percent of ...

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CompTIA's new Cloud Essentials+ certification

In April CompTIA announced its decision to update the current Cloud Essentials certification exam that was launched in October of 2011. Available cloud computing statistics reveal the exponential growth ...

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Old data: The technical textbook dilemma

In 1998 I co-authored a textbook titled IIS 4.0 MCSE Study Guide. After spending countless hours with this writing effort, shortly after the book's publication small royalty payments started to arrive ...

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Teaching project management across disciplines

Having spent 18 years in a full-time faculty role, I've learned the inner workings of colleges and the simple fact that academic departments, for a variety of reasons, are separately siloed. Unfortunately, this ...

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Foundational certifications: Why they are so important

In the construction trades, it is often said that the strength of a building is in its foundation. In the 90s, with the goal of obtaining Microsoft's Windows NT 3.5 MCSE certification, my first attempt was ...

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A pathway for cybersecurity students to become cybersecurity professionals

We've all heard of the Catch-22 phrase, "In order to get experience I need a job, and in order to get a job, I need experience." Liz Ryan, noted author of Reinvention Roadmap, and a contributor to Forbes Magazine ...

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