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Self-directed certification exam preparation can pay big dividends if done well

Many IT certification candidates choose to prepare for exams at their own pace and under their own direction.While some opt for self-study because they prefer it that way …

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Job profile: Become a cloud administrator

Organizations of all sizes and types rent cloud computing services from cloud service providers. These services include servers, networking, databases, data backup and storage, software, analytics ...

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Beyond ChatGPT: What else can generative AI do for you?

Generative AI coding tools based on Large Language Models (LLMs) are capable of generating code, scanning codebases, translating from one programming ...

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Job profile: Become a cloud engineer

The cloud market continues to grow worldwide. Research and consulting firm Gartner predicts that public cloud end-user expenditure will amount to almost $600 billion in 2023. Most companies use ...

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There's plenty of opportunity for computer programmers to prosper

Computer programming is a subset of software development. Computer programmers, also known as coders, create, alter, test, and maintain code so that programs function as required. Various industries ...

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Beyond ChatGPT: What can generative AI do for you?

The launch of ChatGPT in November 2022 sparked public interest and spurred the development of a slew of generative AI products. ChatGPT's user-friendly interface made generative AI ...

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The second top six countries to look for IT work

Global economic uncertainty notwithstanding, IT professionals with relevant skills have more job opportunities and locations to explore ...

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Job profile: Become a database developer

Database developers enable organizations to derive value from the large volumes of data that they amass from customers, the market, and a variety of other sources. The gathering, organization, and ...

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Get started in IT risk management

Year after year, cyberattacks are intensifying. According to Check Point Research (CPR), global cyber incidents on corporate networks increased by 38 percent in 2022 over the previous year. A recent ...

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Six certs than can open the door to a career in Linux

Linus Torvalds created Linux in 1991 and released the initial version the same year. Today, this open source operating system, which was initially developed as a free UNIX-like OS for Intel 386 PCs, is used ...

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