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Revisiting an IT professional in Ukraine as the war with Russia grinds on

Last year, Certification Magazine and I were able to get insight from a friend and former work colleague who lives in Kiev on what conditions were like there. One year later, we're circling back to find out ...

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When recertification makes sense, and when it doesn't

Toward the end of each calendar year, many folks in IT are looking at the potential expiration of one or more of their certifications. This leads to a question that almost everyone in IT considers sooner ...

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The rewards of participating in a certification exam development workshop

One of the most common occurrences at the conclusion an IT certification exam development workshop is when a subject matter expert (or SME) comes up to me and says what a great experience ...

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An IT professional in Ukraine confronts the daily reality of invasion and war

For many IT professionals in the United States and elsewhere, the war currently raging between Ukraine and Russia has become something of a national news afterthought. Russia has been aggressively encroaching ...

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Digging into the nuts and bolts of creating a great IT certification exam

When a certification exam is created and deployed properly, the impact is felt across the entire spectrum of stakeholders: exam takers, exam administrators, everyone involved at the company ...

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Cheating is an ongoing source of pain for IT certification exam providers

In my decades of experience inside the information technology (IT) certification sphere, I have found that the vast majority of IT professionals who participate in certification programs are honest ...

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Successful IT professionals add new skills and knowledge whenever they can

Almost any professional career involves learning new concepts and developing new skills over time. This is especially true of information technology. In the IT world, it is a given that there will be …

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Online proctored testing may be the future of certification exams

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting all segments of society, including the closing down of IT certification testing centers around the globe, remote online proctored testing has stepped to ...

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Get the most out of studying up for your next certification exam

There are many different ways to prepare for a certification exam. Different people prefer different methods. Let's consider a handful of the most common approaches. Most people will focus on at least one ...

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There are many reasons why a certification can be a valuable career asset

Many people who have experience with computers and information technology (IT), or even just have an interest in the field, have probably found themselves asking a simple question: Should I get certified ...

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