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Oracle Ace or Oracle Master: Which is right for you?

Recently on the Oracle Technology Network certification forum, someone posted a question asking what steps they could take to "earn the Ace certification." John Watson, a well-known author of ...

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Seeking tech career advice from experts

Almost two years ago, one of my CertMag articles addressed the potential risks of seeking certification and career advice from strangers. In that article I noted that often people with the least ...

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What is a free certification worth?

I spend a fair amount of time on various certification forums, LinkedIn groups, and Quora answering questions from individuals who are either pursuing IT certifications or ...

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The pending death of ink-and-paper certifications

The demise of paper has been predicted many times over the past few decades in several different venues. Since the 1970s, people have suggested that computers ...

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Ye olde cyrtification: Don't be too attached to your outdated credentials

I think that it was five-star World War II general Douglas MacArthur who said: "Old certifications never die — they simply fade away." At any rate, somebody said something ...

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A surfeit of SQL: Oracle now offers three tiers of SQL certification

Earlier this month, the beta period closed on the first of a brand new class of SQL exams from the Oracle Certification program. Sometime in May, Oracle professionals ...

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Study smarter by incorporating testing into your learning process

Just to be perfectly clear, I should note at the outset that the word "testing" in title of this article is not referring to certification exams or practice tests ...

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The magic IT job interview formula

A couple of months back, a cartoon showed up on my LinkedIn feed when one of my connections commented on it. That cartoon spawned the idea for this article and I wanted to ...

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Studying in reverse: A truly backwards approach to exam preparation

There are many different techniques that can be used by test-takers to study for exams. There is no system that can be singled out ...

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Your IT education and the six degrees of development

Actually, I'm really only going to be discussing two degrees — but that makes for a much less catchy title. Also, if this article ever get turned into a screenplay ...

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