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David Telford

Bulk up your skills: Big Data certifications for heavy hitters

Information overload. Sometimes also referred to as "infobesity" or "data smog," few problems plague the information age as much as being completely swamped by intelligence. ...

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Why a penguin? Recapping a slice of Linux history

Linux is a surprisingly successful operating system. Despite many of its distros having no graphical interface and/or not running with popular applications ...

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Amazon Web Services offers a cloud certification program you can bank on

The early 2000s were a brutal time for internet business. In the years preceding the turn of the century, many companies discovered ...

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Nearly two-decade old Windows bug Unicorn now saddled, bridled by security experts

If you’ve been putting off running your Windows Update, then you might want to end that procrastination. On Nov. 11, Microsoft released a patch for a bug that was discovered in May ...

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October is over, but cyber security awareness should be a year-round concern

Most of you probably know or have at least heard of “No-Shave November,” even those of you who are pretty handy with a razor. Most fellows who gleefully participate probably aren’t even aware that the entire point of “Movember” ...

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