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Ahmed Badr

The importance of hands-on learning for IT networking beginners

One question frequently asked of me by networking beginners at the start of their career is: How important is hands-on experience? My answer: It's very important! The competition between ...

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Five top certifications to get you involved in wireless networking

The first thing people think of when they hear "wireless networking" is mobility. As mobile devices proliferated, almost all companies saw the benefit to enabling worker access to network resources ...

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Reliability and support push Juniper Networks to networking forefront

Juniper Networks (Juniper) is a 20-year-old American multinational based in Sunnyvale, Calif. Juniper specializes in networking products. For years, Juniper has been an established player ...

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The basics of network design and six top certs to help you master them

While driving your automobile, have you ever wondered what it took to make it operational? To produce an automobile, the manufacturer began with a very early stage in this process — design. ...

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Is CCIE the right certification for your IT networking career?

For years, a hot topic among network professionals around the water cooler has been the value of a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certification (CCIE). ...

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Job profile: Getting started in network design

Network design professional is one of the more prestigious job titles in IT. The network design process is an obvious and essential prerequisite for running ...

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