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CertMag's 2023 holiday reading recommendations

The holiday season has a lot to offer for everyone — except perhaps for introverts. Oh don’t get me wrong, introverts can still enjoy the annual traditions of spending time with friends and family members ...

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Add Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI) certification to your toolkit

Modern businesses place a high premium on business intelligence (BI) which is why vendors like Microsoft have built it into its high-end enterprise products and services. But what exactly is BI, and how does ...

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What goes into creating a new vendor-neutral IT certification?

There is a highly popular television show called How It's Made that chronicles the nuts-and-bolts details behind how various consumer products are …

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Will the Google Cybersecurity Certificate (GCC) open the door to a job in cybersecurity?

The Google Cybersecurity Certificate (GCC) is an entry-level credential found in the ...

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Will ChatGPT (or something like it) replace IT support?

Our world is experiencing an artificial intelligence boom that has sparked excitement and existential dread over the role AI might end up playing in our ...

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Do the Microsoft Office Specialist credentials have a place in the modern IT sphere?

When people in the IT industry hear the words “Microsoft certification” they will typically think of the high-level credentials for products like Azure, Visual Studio, and SQL Server. There is another category ...

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Always be learning: Lock in your continuing education strategy

Achieving success as an IT industry worker requires a commitment to becoming a lifelong learner, someone who continually adds to their technical education as they advance through their career. To this end ...

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Advancing technology and connectivity are fueling a boom in cybercrime

The IT revolution sparked the proliferation of everyday personal computing, the rapid expansion of business information networking, and the birth of a global shopping center built across thousands ...

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You can't get certified without taking an exam — and certification exams aren't cheap

In any detailed conversation about the true value of IT certifications, there is a point that ...

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CertMag's holiday reading recommendations

We are deep in the heart of the 2022 holiday season. For many people, the holidays are a time of good food, visits with family and friends, and lots of sports to watch from the comfort of the sofa or your ...

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